Research Uncorked – “Finding What Works: Reducing Poverty Through Research”


Location: Online

Research Uncorked logo featuring a U filled with red wine and an O with a corkscrew through it

Research Uncorked is a monthly speaker series featuring informal talks by leading scholars and scientists from the University. Typically hosted at Ironhand Winebar in South Bend, the series has temporarily moved online because of the coronavirus.

The May speakers are Heather Reynolds, managing director of Notre Dame’s Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO), and Rachel Fulcher Dawson, LEO’s associate director of research operations. Heather and Rachel’s presentation is titled “Finding What Works: Reducing Poverty Through Research” and will focus in particular on homelessness. They will also discuss LEO’s broader mission to identify the innovative, effective, and scalable programs that help people move permanently out of poverty.