Research Uncorked – “Visualizing the Enemy: Microbial Imaging at ND”


Location: Online

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Research Uncorked is a monthly speaker series featuring informal interviews with leading scholars and scientists from the University. Typically hosted at Ironhand Winebar in South Bend, the series has temporarily moved online because of the coronavirus.

In February, we’re excited to take you (virtually) inside the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility. This guided tour will introduce both the facility’s high-powered equipment and some of the exciting ways Notre Dame researchers are using it to study bacteria and other microorganisms.

“Visualizing the Enemy: Microbial Imaging at ND” will feature presentations by:

  • Sarah Chapman, assistant director of the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility,
  • Sara Cole, optical microscopy program director,
  • Tatyana Orlova, electron microscopy specialist,
  • and Trung Nguyen, postdoctoral fellow in chemistry and biochemistry.