The idea behind With a Side of Knowledge is pretty simple: We invite scholars, makers, and professionals (some from Notre Dame, some from elsewhere) out to brunch for an informal conversation about their work, and then we turn those brunches into a podcast. New episodes are released every other Thursday and are about 30 minutes long.

We also host a monthly live event series called Research Uncorked at Ironhand Winebar in South Bend. Just like the podcast, each event features an informal interview between host Ted Fox and a leading scholar or scientist.

Did we mention we love this job?

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  • “What Makes Me Happy” Mini Episode

    Journalists Richard Jones and Victoria St. Martin join us to discuss a musician whose art dared us to love each other for exactly who we are: Prince.

  • Author Insta

    Past guest Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi used her Instagram to share a page from her forthcoming book as she edited it.

  • From Our Archives

    Episode 2.3: “On Photography and When Lightning Strikes”—Matt Cashore, Notre Dame (Nov. 15, 2018)